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Rollformer for Trapeze Profile
  • Rollformer for Trapeze Profile

Rollformer for Trapeze Profile

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Country of manufacture:Poland

We produce lines for profiling trapets on different heights. Basic difference between them is construction and thickness used material. Thickness of metal id from 0,45 to 1,5mm according to the model. Line for producing tarpets profiles the metal used in external building coatings industry. Technological lines for trapets reach speeds of up to V=50m/min.

Line is equipped with LCD screen and necessary electrical instrumentation for an automatic or manual operate. Production process and proper functioning of the machine is controlled by PLC controller. You can program any number and length of sheets on LCD screen.

In case when production capabilities are limited by the size of the hall, double-deck line is the perfect solution to the problem. Double-deck line enables profiling of two different trapets. Changing one profile to another is very simple, automatically from the control panel or manual by a proper button.

BUD-MASZ company is enable to boild every kind of profile according to model and customers demand.

Til now, company has made fallowing types of trapets: T-6, T-8, T-10, T-12, T-14, T-16,5, T-18, T-21, T-32, T-35, T-40, T-45, T-50, T-55, T-60, T-63, T-85, T-90, T-135, T-153, SINUS 18, SINUS 25, SIDING
and trapets according Russian norms (GHOST): T-8, T-21, T-35, T-60, T-75, T-114.

Line for profiling trapets consist of:

1. Decoiler for coils of metal, standard to 7 tons.

2. Introducing of metal with cutting-off knives

3. Set of profiling stations

4. Shape guillotine

5. Computer control of profiling process

6. Finish product receiver

7. Outgoing trolley

Country of manufacture:Poland
Information is up-to-date: 10.11.2018
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